About Us

The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences teaches a broad range of veterinary, agricultural, food and biomedical sciences. We strive to be the pre-eminent veterinary and agricultural science Faculty in the Asia-Pacific region and the regional school of choice for veterinary and agricultural science students.

The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences has a strong international reputation for excellence in research and for its links with industry and stakeholders. Our research provides valuable input into solving global issues, such as food security for a rapidly growing population, animal health and well-being, and climate change.

The Faculty teaches across three campuses: Dookie, Parkville and Werribee.

Dookie Campus

The Dookie campus is a focal point for key research, teaching and technology development that is helping to shape the future of agriculture in Australia.

The Dookie campus is situated on 2,240 hectares and consists of a high technology robotic dairy, broad-acre farming crops such as canola, wheat, clover, lucerne and phalaris, and 5000 merino sheep.

The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences teaches formative and pre-clinical studies in agricultural and veterinary science at the Parkville campus, which is conveniently located only a few minutes from the centre of Melbourne.

Werribee Veterinary Hospital

Students of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine develop a rich clinical experience at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital, including a final year of lecture free clinical training.

Many staff members are experts in their field, including several Board-certified experts with extensive and significant international experience. The teaching facilities at the Veterinary Hospital are world class, including the most complete suite of diagnostic imaging equipment in the Asia-Pacific.

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