Wednesday 18 October 2017
10:00am - 4:00pm 
940 Dookie-Nalinga Road,
Dookie College, VIC 3647 (map below)

Experience the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus and the latest developments in research, learning and teaching in plant and animal health, farming, food and agribusiness. Learn about our courses in agriculture, veterinary medicine and food science.

Explore the 2,440-hectare agricultural campus and its community. Dookie is the largest agricultural campus in the southern hemisphere – learn more about Dookie on the campus website

Meet students based at the campus, from diploma- to PhD-level, sample wine, cheese, beer and more as you explore campus, and participate in interactive displays.



Tour the robotic dairy

The University of Melbourne's robotic dairy at the Dookie campus allows researchers to see how this new technology works with pasture-fed cows.

So far, results have been excellent: Dairy Australia rated Dookie among the top 100 in Australia based on annual average bulk milk cell count in 2015-16. Each cow's health is individually measured and recorded when she is milked, so health problems are detected early. The cows themselves choose when they will be milked, and rotation between pastures occurs automatically.

Take the opportunity to see this in action at Dookie Day!

See the latest precision agriculture technologies in action 

Our staff will be demonstrating new technologies: drones which monitor plant health, a machine that kills weeds with microwaves instead of pesticides and more. 

Sample beer and wine made at the campus

Dookie has one of the oldest working wineries in Victoria, with modern equipment on hand to allow University of Melbourne students to make a vintage each year.

In 2017, brewing equipment was added to allow students to learn the processes of brewing beer, recognising its sensory characteristics and marketing it to a nation with a growing thirst for craft brews.

On Dookie Day, experts will be running tasting sessions and explaining what makes a good wine or beer – we'd love you to join them.

Seminars and research presentations

The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences has over 200 research staff and students working on animal welfare, disease control and vaccines, plant health, food science, veterinary clinical medicine, farm management and more.

Dookie Day will include free seminars on mastitis control, preventing footrot in sheep, sheep progeny evaluation and more from leading agricultural and veterinary science researchers.

Sensory scientists will demonstrate how the latest technology measures biometric responses to food and helps us to understand why people like the food they like.

Research students will present their work and show how their projects contribute to agricultural productivity, animal and human health.

Tour the campus, meet the students – and the animals

Around 80 students are based at Dookie. Image: Joe Vittorio.

Over 80 students are based at Dookie campus, from diploma- to PhD-level. They study how farms work, natural resources management, fundamental science and business. PhD students take advantage of the 2,440 ha campus to conduct experiments to improve crop yields, minimise pesticide use, grow more resilient crops and more.

Second-year Bachelor of Agriculture students can choose to study full-time at Dookie for a semester, learning the science of agriculture in a farming context. Students in the Diploma in General Studies gain a foundational knowledge in science, academic communication and business at the campus in a supportive environment and small classes, preparing them for further University study.

Every year hundreds of University of Melbourne students travel to Dookie for short intensive subjects, learning about wine and brewing, land management, animal handling, sustainable construction and even staying safe in conflict zones. 

The University has invested in improved student housing and teaching spaces to ensure students' time at Dookie is comfortable and constructive, including a major refurbishment of Swinburne Hall and improvements to Dorm A.

Informal learning space at Swinburne Hall. Photo: Naomi Barun, the University of Melbourne.

We invite you to tour the campus’ student housing and teaching spaces, and meet the students who call Dookie home.

Dookie campus website

Learn about Dookie's facilities, accommodation and history here.


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