Hear from experts on sheep, dairy and agricultural investment.

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Managing mastitis and grazing in robotic and conventional dairies

12:00pm - 12:45pm, Dookie's Robotic Dairy Farm. Bus leaves from near Sheep Shearing Shed at 11:50.

The Dookie robotic dairy has allowed our researchers to track individual cows’ health at every milking and develop herd management practices to maximise the benefits of automatic milking systems for pasture-fed dairies.

  • University of Melbourne Dairy Co-ordinator Nick Boyd: Mastitis management in a robotic dairy system
  • GV Vets Veterinarian Dr Brett Davis: Antibiotic use in a milking herd for mastitis prevention
  • Animal science researchers Dr Brendan Cullen and Dr Paul Cheng: Three-way grazing systems, current and planned research at Dookie

Getting the most out of your merinos

2:00pm - 2:45pm, Dookie's Shearing Shed.

Merino wool prices are buoyant at the moment, but there are still gains in profitability to be made at most enterprises with the right management and investment in pastures.

  • Dookie acting farm manager Ashley Gabler: Dookie as a livestock and broadacre farm
  • Mackinnon Project Senior Consultant Dr John Webb-Ware: Optimising management and investment in a merino flock in northeast Victoria
  • Phil and Anna Toland, Toland Merino: Progeny testing and findings from 2016 and 2017 lambing seasons