Regulating food labels: The case of free range food products in Australia

Can food labelling help create more sustainable food systems?

Free public forum, 6 – 7.30 pm on 27 September 2017
University of Melbourne  

What role can labelling play in creating more sustainable food systems? What kinds of labelling would enable consumers and producers to support environmentally sustainable and ethical practices of food production and consumption?

Join food journalist and author Richard Cornish in conversation with a dynamic panel of experts, who will explore this question through case studies of food labelling for sustainably sourced fish, free range animal products and products containing palm oil.

The event is free but bookings are essential.

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Food Labelling and Democratic Engagement in the Food System

Melbourne Law School, 28-29 September 2017

This is an invitation-only workshop. A public event will be held prior to the workshop on 27 September 2017.

The food label has become an important site of contestation and controversy with respect to a range of health, safety, environmental and ethical issues across the food system. Government regulators have prioritised the mandating of food safety and nutritional information on food labels. Yet consumers increasingly expect a much wider range of information about the source, content and production conditions of their food. The retail label has become the crucial mediator of consumer trust and confidence in the food system. Yet it is also the focus of broader conflict and contestation over ethical values and sustainability issues in the food system.

This workshop will critique current food labelling policy and address ways of developing new strategies for a more effective, legitimate and stakeholder-inclusive approach to governing food labels. It will also address issues of whether food labelling can make a difference to food production practice and improve food system sustainability and resilience.

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