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Contract Testing of Animal Health Products

APCAH conducts safety and efficacy testing of animal health products to international Good Laboratory Practice standards for commercial partners. We also routinely perform potency, innocuity and freedom from adventitious agents testing on poultry vaccines for a range of clients.

We are able to house poultry in HEPA-filtered isolators under specific pathogen free conditions.

Our animal house and supporting laboratory facilities are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities to perform biological testing.

Our facilities have been used to prepare dossiers for successful national and international applications for registration of veterinary vaccines.

Diagnostic Services

APCAH’s diagnostic laboratories, based on our Werribee campus, provide serological and virological diagnostic services to the poultry industry. We also provide a routine veterinary bacteriology service.

More specialised services include a comprehensive suite of diagnostic polymerase chain reaction assays for rapid diagnosis of poultry diseases and, for some pathogens, strain identification.

We also provide polymerase chain reaction diagnostic assays for identification and discrimination of viral and bacterial pathogens causing upper respiratory tract disease in cats and viral respiratory and abortigenic pathogens of horses.

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