Dairy Cattle Medicine and Production

The aims of the Dairy Cattle group are to undertake high quality research on topics of importance to the dairy industry, develop novel and innovative methods to address limitations on production. We also educate veterinarians so that they can be resources of excellence for farmers and train research workers so that they have the skills necessary to carry out productive research in the field of dairy management and production. We also provide expertise to the industry in a range of disciplines.

Research Leaders:

Group Members:

  • Dr David Beggs - Lecturer
  • Dr Stephanie Bullen - Veterinary Resident, Maffra
  • Dr Rebecca Dickinson - Resident
  • Dr Andy Hancock - Veterinary Resident, Timboon
  • Dr Ashley Phipps - Veterinary Resident, Rochester
  • Dr Kelly Plozza - Veterinary Resident, Warrnambool