Intestinal microbiome in dogs: effect of age, time and diet; Intestinal microbiome in dogs: determining the relevant changes using novel analytical methods; Thiopurine metabolism; Role of macrophages in intestinal inflammation in dogs; microRNA expression in diabetes mellitus; Global assessment of the canine colon; Role of gastrokines in gastrointestinal disease in dogs; Establishing the intestinal virome of healthy dogs and dogs with intestinal disease; Analysis of systemic inflammation in dogs with acute pancreatitis.

Group Contacts

Name: Associate Professor Caroline Mansfield


Caroline Mansfield

RHD Students

Julien Dandrieux, Erin Bell, Paloma Moreno, Amy Pepper, Lina Martinez Lopez, Anne-Claire Duchaussoy, Judd Sumner

Research Contract Services 

  • Blackmores
  • NexVet
  • PlassVac


Confocal endomicroscopy

Clinical Trials

Use of hyperimmune serum in treatment of pancreatitis in dogs: a pilot study.


ACVIM, ECVIM or Digestive Diseases Week

Projects for Prospective Research Students

Deeper analysis of the microbiome in dogs; Effect of hygeine hypothesis for feline gut health.


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