Governing Food Labelling: The Case of ‘Free Range’ Animal Products in Australia

Description: The food label has become an important site of contestation and controversy with respect to a range of health, safety, environmental and ethical issues across the food system. This project will examine the regulation of food labeling in Australia through a focus on free range labelled eggs and animal products. It will shed light on the dynamics of how a network of food producers, retailers, private certification organisations, and regulatory agencies are responding to changing demands for ethical and quality foods. The project will develop new strategies for a more effective, legitimate and stakeholder-inclusive approach to regulating food labels.

  • Chief Investigators: Prof. Christine Parker (Law) and Dr Gyorgy Scrinis (FVAS).
  • Research Fellow: Dr Rachel Carey (FVAS).
  • Funding: ARC Discovery Grant (2015-2017).
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Nutrition Science, Processed Foods and Food Manufacturing Corporations

This series of research projects covers the following issues:

  • Nutritionism and the philosophy of nutrition science
  • Nutrition policy and nutrition labelling
  • Food manufacturing corporations’ nutritional engineering and marketing practices

Ultraprocessed food consumption, nutritional profile of diet and obesity in seven countries

Description: This project will study of food consumption patterns and health outcomes in seven countries - (Brazil, Chile, Columbia, United States, Canada, U.K, & Australia.

  • Investigators: Monteiro, C. (University of Sao Paolo, Brazil), Jaime, P., Levy, R. Co-Investigators: De Barros, A., Martins, A., Horta, B., Corvalan, C., Azeredo, C., Millett, C., Canella, D., Gigante, D., Parra, D., Scrinis, G., Santos, I., Moubarac, J.C., Batal, M., Reyes, M., Assuncao, M., Benicio, M., Claro, F., Uauy, R., De Vogli, R.
  • Funding: FAPESP Project Grant (2016-2021) - (Brazil)

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