Investigating the relationship between anatomy and function in athletic animals.

Our group investigates normal locomotory function, to understand risk factors and to develop new ways of preventing damage and optimising performance.

Current Projects

  • Hoof interaction with the track surface.
  • Modelling the fetlock, carpus, tarsus
  • Mechanically related movements.
  • Muscle spindle density and proprioception
  • Respiratory noise and ecg variations in relation to specific pathology during fast exercise
  • Measuring training load.


Name: Associate Professor Helen Davies
Telephone: 03 8344 6315


Research Students

Carla Lusi - Project: Quadruped forelimb functional anatomy

Sa’ad Ismail –  Project: Greyhound functional anatomy

Akinbowele Olusa – Project: Equine carpus functional anatomy

Lisa Walter –  Project: Developing ways to measure high speed dysfunction in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Zeeshan Akbar – Project:  Functional anatomy of the tarsus in athletic animals

Victoria Moodie –  Project: Measuring training load in racehorses

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