At the Parasitology/ Molecular Parasitology Units of the Department of Veterinary Science, a broad range of traditional, immunological and DNA-technological approaches are being exploited to study parasites and their relationships with their hosts.

Research Leaders:
Professor Ian Beveridge - Professor in Veterinary Parasitology
Professor Robin Gasser - Professor in Veterinary Parasitology
Professor Marshall Lightowlers - Professor and Principal Research Fellow with the National Health and
Medical Research Council

Group Members:
Ms Christine Andersen - Technical Officer, Parasitology 
Dr Clare Anstead - Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Dr Charles Gauci - Senior Research Officer in Molecular Parasitology
Dr Jasmin Hufschmid - Lecturer in Wildlife Health
Dr Aaron Jex - Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology
Dr Rebecca Traub - Associate Professor in Veterinary Parasitology
Dr Neil Young - Research Scientist