Researchers Research area and interests
Prof Deli Chen Nitrogen cycling; agricultural sustainability indices; mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions; enhanced efficiency fertilizers; precision agriculture; soil science
Prof Jim He Soil biology (microbial ecology, biogeography); nutrient cycling; soil remediation; environmental microbiology; soil science
Prof Paul Taylor Plant pathology; plant health; host-pathogen interaction; disease resistance; development of PCR-based diagnostic tests for pathogens
Dr Tony Weatherley Urban food waste recycling; phosphorus cycling; biochar; soil science
Dr Helen Suter Nitrogen cycling; soil science; greenhouse gas mitigation from agriculture; nitrogen fertiliser and sustainable agricultural production; crop and pasture nutrition
Dr Bob Farquharson Value chain analysis; smallholder perspective and decision about technology in least developed countries; economic modelling; environmental economic assessment
Dr Mei Bai Greenhouse gas emissions in vegetable and livestock farming; agricultural waste management
Dr Shu Kee Lam Soil carbon and nitrogen cycling under climate change; Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiments; mitigation of reactive nitrogen emissions
Dr Hang Wei Hu Microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, environmental resistome, nitrogen-cycling processes, and microbial biotechnology
Dr Ee Ling Ng Soil ecology under climate change; soil biogeochemical cycling; ecological risk assessment; agricultural and urban organic waste management
Dr Oxana Belyaeva Soil fertility, soil biology, N and C cycling in soils, soil-plant-atmosphere interaction
Dr Rui Liu Soil biology; nitrogen cycling; greenhouse gas emissions under global change; nitrogen use efficiency; agricultural waste management
Dr Simon Eldridge Nutrient cycling; agriculture waste management
Dr Yong Li Greenhouse gas emissions in cropping and animal systems
Mr Trevor Coates Greenhouse gas emissions; nitrogen cycling; eddy covariance technique
Dr Bhawana Bhatta Biochar; nitrogen cycling; nutrient recovery from waste; waste management
Alexis Pang GISc; ecohydrology; erosion modelling; precision agriculture
Lab management and technical support
Michael Hall
Tina, Hang Gao Nutrient recovery from organic waste, food waste management, waste bioconversion technique, phosphorus use efficiency, soil nutrient cycling, soil science. Research project: An evaluation of fast processed urban food waste as a soil organic amendment
Eric Ireland Soil nitrogen cycling - particularly dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium (DNRA), soil microbial ecology.
Yu Jing Zhang Soil ecology, environmental and crop resistome
Xia (Emma) Liang Nitrogen footprint; Nitrogen cycling; Agricultural sustainability indices; Institutional sustainability
Visiting Scholars
Taiji Kou C and N cycle in agroecosystem and climate change
Dr Maofang Gao Nitrogen cycle modeling; livestock breeding and manure management modelling; thermal remote sensing; solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence; GIS spatial analysis.
Wei Kang Mechanism of bio-remediation effect on resistant microbiology to heavy metal and antibiotic in polluted soil; Ecological risk evaluation.

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