Investigating the disease processes and developing novel therapies for inflammatory and metabolic diseases

Our group investigates important diseases such as equine laminitis and sepsis (the systemic inflammatory response to bacterial toxins), to understand the disease processes and risk factors and to develop new ways of treating them.


  • Treating Equine Laminitis – developing novel therapies for this common and crippling condition of horses and ponies
  • Novel anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of sepsis
  • Anti-inflammatory effects of stem cells
  • Obesity in horses and ponies

Research Group Leader/Key contact

Name and Title: Associate Professor Simon Bailey
Tel: 03 8344 6315

Research Group Members

Research Students

  • Courtnay Baskerville – Insulin-like growth factor-1 in equine obesity and laminitis
  • Samantha Potter – Assessing adiposity and obesity in horses

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