The Veterinary Resuscitation Research Group conducts epidemiological and clinical studies in dogs and cats with severe haemodynamic instability requiring acute life-saving interventions. Research areas include the characterization of fluid homeostasis abnormalities and inflammatory, caogulatory and endothelial changes associated with severe sepsis and hypovolemic shock and the study of diagnostics and therapies to recognize and ameloriate these disorders. An additional research focus concerns cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Group Contacts

Name: Dr Manuel Boller
Phone: 03 8001 2508
Campus: Werribee


Manuel BollerDez HughesElise BollerMark DavisKylie Kelers

RHD Students

Erica Tinson, Adelina Chan, Sarah Gaudette, Liam Donaldson, Ide Gillespie

Clinical Trials

  1. Endothelial activation in dogs with severe sepsis/septic shock.
  2. Assessment of lidocaine as an adjunctive analgesic after abdominal surgery in dogs.
  3. The influence of fluid resuscitation on thromboelastographic variables in dogs.
  4. Changes in IL-6 and TNF-α in inflammatory effusions in dogs.
  5. Sequential lactate measurements in dogs treated for shock.
  6. International pet CPR registry.

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