We are interested in discussing research contracts in most areas of wildlife health

Members of this research group have a strong interest in wildlife health-related research, and can offer great expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including microbiology, virology, parasitology, epidemiology, toxicology, conservation health, wildlife medicine and disease ecology.

We have established many valuable collaborations with other university-based research teams nationally and internationally, as well as with organisations such as Zoos Victoria, DELWP, Parks Victoria, CSIRO (AAHL) and DEDJTR. These relationships allow us to offer truly multi-disciplinary research teams and projects.

We can provide research services in the following fields:

  • Health investigations into endangered species to determine if disease is a likely threatening process
  • Health screening of endangered species involved in captive breeding programs (both before bringing them into captivity, and before release)
  • Risk analyses for wildlife diseases
  • Health surveys of wildlife species, including field work
  • Diagnostic capability for a wide range of micro- and macroparasites, including viruses


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