Wildlife Health Victoria: Surveillance

Reporting wildlife health events (sick and dead wildlife)

Please contribute to our understanding of wildlife health in Victoria by reporting disease events (sick and dead animals) in free ranging wildlife that you observe by:

  1. If urgent disease investigation may be possible (examination of a fresh carcass or field visit to sick wildlife), please contact Pam Whiteley by phone 0400 119 301 and/or email pamw@unimelb.edu.au. If you need clinical help, see key contacts for wildlife welfare emergencies from our website.
  2. Reporting wildlife health event from the past:
    Please provide information (including estimated date/s or date range) about significant wildlife health problems you are aware of from the past to Pam Whiteley. 

You will be asked:

  • to select the species (eg. Koala) or group (eg. kangaroos, wallabies and potoroos)
  • to record the signs of disease or death you observed,
  • for the species information (eg. species of wallaby), location, date, number of animals affected and an estimate of the number in the population you observed,
  • your contact details (for use in wildlife health surveillance only)

Your reporting and information will increase our understanding of wildlife health events in Victoria and the detection of changes in these patterns of disease.  Thank you for your contributions.

Pam Whiteley BVSc MS MANZCVS BTeach ACCM

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