Wildlife Health Victoria: Surveillance

Wildlife welfare emergencies

For urgent help with sick, injured or orphaned individual wildlife or wildlife involved in oil spills, strandings, bushfires or other emergencies please contact:

  1. Staff at the Department of Sustainability and Environment atthe DSE call centre
    (136 186) 8am -6pm Monday-Fri.  They can advise you on your closest wildlife shelter.
  2. Australian Wildlife Health Centre, Healesville Sanctuary, 5957 2829 hs@zoo.org.au
  3. The RACV Wildlife connect number 13 11 11.  RACV Wildlife Connect is a 24 hour a day telephone service for Victorians who hit or encounter injured wildlife on the road.  You will immediately be connected with one of three Victorian-based volunteer wildlife groups who provide advice and help:

Wildlife Connect is a partnership initiative between RACV and Zoos Victoria, in collaboration with non-profit volunteer wildlife groups. It is an integral part of the Department of Sustainability and Environment’s partnership with Zoos Victoria. The Wildlife Connect service aims to increase the reporting of wildlife injuries to assist the rescue and rehabilitation process and to improve public awareness of the issues affecting wildlife. 

Other Organisations

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