Healthy Soils for Sustainable Food Production and Environmental Quality

The JRC focuses on four research themes: 

Synchronisation of nutrients and water resources

Efficient use of nutrients and water are key components of sustainable agriculture. Research within this theme looks at the development of enhanced efficiency fertilisers, precision agriculture and decision making tools.

Prof Zhang Fusuo
Director of Center for Resources, Environment and Food Security
China Agricultural University

Professor Iain Young
Head, School of Life and Environmental Sciences
The University of Sydney

Recovery of resources from agricultural wastes

Agricultural production systems are sub-optimal in their waste management and materials regarded as ‘wastes’ are often valuable co-products. Research within this theme looks at the production of stable, pathogen-free bioproducts, understanding nutrient dynamics of recycled agricultural wastes and the use of the bioproducts inoculated with beneficial microbes to suppress soil-borne pathogens.

Professor Shen Qirong
College of Resources and Environmental Sciences
Nanjing Agricultural University

Professor Jim He
Professor of Molecular Soil Ecology
The University of Melbourne

Soil processes and remediation

Sub-soil properties that limit plant growth and heavy metal pollution are threats to agricultural productivity and safe food. Research within this theme examines a range of new technologies to mitigate the impact of contaminants and improve the hazard analysis and critical control points.

Professor Wu Jinshui
Director in Chief, the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Tony O’Donnell
Dean, Faculty of Science
University of Western Australia

Supply chain and food credentials

Activities in this theme focus on knowledge exchange and integration of soil management information developed in the other themes to develop a framework for evidence-based green credentials of agricultural products.

Professor Xu Minggang
Deputy Director General, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Professor Deli Chen
Director ACJRC - Healthy Soil, Healthy Food
The University of Melbourne

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