Why are animals integral to human society?

How should we approach current animal welfare issues?

Expand your thinking about the world of animals and humans.

  • Investigate our ethical obligations to animals in a balanced and objective way.
  • Use case studies of current hot topics in animal management and welfare to examine human-animal relationships.
  • Gain an understanding of a wide variety of topics, such as greyhound and horse racing, animal conservation, free range vs. caged hens, the live export trade and more.
  • Hear insightful presentations from international experts to compliment lectures and tutorials.
  • Attend excursions to see animal welfare and management in practice.

The Living with Animals track investigates human-animal relationships: including how our interactions with animals originated, domestication, and where they are now, examining in detail key relationships between humans and animals

Animals in Society 1 & 2 are taught by a combination of University of Melbourne lecturers and national and international guest lecturers, including farmers and animal industry representatives, Animals Australia, Greyhound Racing Victoria, Zoos Victoria and the RSPCA This approach allows you to explore different views of human-animal relationships

Other subjects in this track include Companion Animal Biology and Topics in Animal Heath. The subjects in this breadth track are available to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Environments, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Biomedicine students. Refer to the individual subject entries in the Handbook for more details.

You can study a single breadth subject from a wide range of disciplines distinct from your main field of study in your Bachelor (undergraduate) degree. Or you can choose the 'breadth track' and follow a specialist stream for the duration of your degree.

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Subject Coordinator, Dr Rebecca Doyle