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Professional Certificate in Global Wine Studies

Students on location in Champagne

This exciting new program introduces participants to the culture and commerce of the global wine industry, via a hands-on field trip through the ultra-premium wine regions of France.

  • Experience the culture and traditions of the French wine and food industries first hand.

  • Examine the French derivation of the modern wine industry and its influence on the evolution and emergence of new world wine industries.

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Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Change for Primary Industries

This one year course is ideal for those working in primary industries, where the impact of climate change is relevant to your work.

  • Explore the interdisciplinary nature of primary industries and climate change impacts, mitigation, sequestration and adaptation at an advanced level.

  • Build a sound foundation in the scientific and economic principles and analytical skills underpinning responses to climate change.

  • Develop your competence in the analysis of complex systems in devising strategies for responding to climate change impacts on agricultural production.

  • Expand your critical understanding of environmental, economic, social and ethical factors related to climate change and primary industries in Australia and globally.

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