Demonstrate a significant command of knowledge in your chosen field

  • Undertake a substantial piece of original research, under academic supervision
  • Your PhD thesis will demonstrate authority in your chosen field and evidence of command of knowledge
  • Display a thorough grasp of the appropriate methodological techniques
  • Make a distinct contribution to knowledge, via an original approach and, where possible, the discovery of new facts
  • Show your ability to communicate research findings effectively in the professional arena and in an international context

Make your contribution to key research areas

  •   Veterinary biosciences
  •   Animal sciences, health and welfare
  •   Infectious diseases, public health and biosecurity 

Learn more about the specific areas of research  of the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.

Course Description

The PhD thesis is a careful, rigorous and sustained piece of work demonstrating that a research 'apprenticeship' is complete and the holder is admitted to the community of scholars in the discipline.

In scope, the PhD thesis differs from a research Master’s thesis, chiefly by its deeper and more comprehensive treatment of the chosen subject. It is written succinctly, in English, unless approval has been given for the thesis to be written in a language other than English.

The format of the thesis must follow prescriptions laid down by the University.  Further information can be found here:


Doctoral degrees at the University of Melbourne seek to develop graduates who demonstrate academic leadership, increasing independence, creativity and innovation in their research work.

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