A pathway to a rewarding career in the booming agricultural sciences sector

  • Prepare for jobs and careers in agricultural and related industries, or for further study in the Master of Agricultural Sciences
  • Specifically designed to prepare students whose undergraduate study area was not in an agricultural discipline

Course Description

Develop the foundation to understand the many issues underpinning the advances in sustainable food and fibre production, within the multi-billion dollar agricultural sectors, which spans agricultural production, food processing industries, government, agricultural finance, land and water resource management and international agricultural production, processing and development.

There are four major specialisations to choose from:
• Agribusiness
• Animal Science
• Crop Production
• Food Security

Learning Outcomes

Develop the skills and knowledge to address the environmental, political and scientific challenges of international food security

  • Gain a sound foundation in scientific principles and analytical skills vital for plant and animal-derived food and fibre production in Australia and globally
  • Develop competence in experimental work and understand the industrial applications and commercial outcomes of the industry
  • Support and enhance the integral roles that animals play in sustaining our lives with practical applications in animal conservation and biological research
  • Explore ethical and moral issues encompassing care, management and the use of animals as a resource
  • Specialise in animal nutrition and metabolism, animal behaviour and welfare, or integrated animal system analysis
  • Develop the tools for strategic business decision making in economics or finance management in the agrifood and fibre context

Graduates may wish to apply for entry (with credit) into the Master of Agricultural Sciences

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