Learn to manage innovative, sustainable and safe food production

  • Explore the inter-disciplinary nature of agriculture, food production and food science at an advanced level
  • Develop a sound foundation in food chemistry, microbiology, quality and processing technology
  • Broaden your understanding of the role of products as food and for use as food ingredients
  • Learn about advanced research topics and the practical application of these topics within food science
  • Explore industrial applications of food science and technology and their commercial outcomes
  • Increase your understanding of the specialised disciplines of food science, emerging technologies and the relevance of these to the future food industry

Course Description

The Graduate Diploma in Food Science is for students who are interested in focusing their further study on food science and its applications in the food and associated industries.

As a graduate you will be well prepared to play a key role in research divisions within food companies and associated organisations, as well as in managing food production across the entire food supply chain.

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