• develop an in-depth appreciation for the research process;
  • develop individual investigative skills, critical thought and the ability to evaluate information and to analyse data;
  • increase knowledge and understanding of the discipline area;
  • develop academic research and academic writing skills.

Course Description

The Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in Agricultural Science comprises advanced coursework and an individual research project to extend your knowledge and skills in solving research problems. After successfully completing the program,you will be prepared to either enter the workforce pursuing a career in Agriculture, or enrol for further research study through applying for a Masters or Doctor of Philosophy degree.

On completion of the  Agricultural Science Honours program you will have:

  • a “system-thinking” approach to agricultural production and land management, including an understanding of the structures of agriculture-related industries; the principle factors that determine their location, environmental impact, sustainability, profitability and international trade competitiveness; and the biophysical, economic and social factors that affect production systems;
  • appropriate knowledge and the ability to critically evaluate knowledge gained from a range of scientific, economic and social sources;
  • the ability to disseminate scientific and industry information;
  • skills to effectively analyse, and scientifically evaluate agricultural problems and reach appropriate solutions;
  • effective communication skills in a variety of media;
  • the capacity for initiating cooperative relationships with colleagues, employers and clients;
  • appropriate group facilitation skills;
  • the ability to collected and interpret agricultural data for interpretation;
  • an understanding of the research methodologies necessary to design and interpret experiments;
  • a commitment to the highest standards of academic and intellectual integrity befitting their professional standing.

Coursework component

The advanced coursework component helps you develop a depth of knowledge in your particular areas of interest and expand the theoretical basis on which you will undertake research work. It provides you with the opportunity to develop expertise in the broad scientific field(s) in which  your individual research project is placed, including the methodologies of the relevant field(s), and the use of the scientific literature in your specialist area of study.

Research component

The research project provides you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge and technical skills in a supervised research project and develop skills in experimental design, project implementation and in the communication of the outcomes of a research project. The project develops your technical and data acquisition skills and problem-solving,  your critical thinking capacities in the context of research, your skills in communicating to a variety of audiences and the application of appropriate risk assessment and ethical approval processes.

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