Research projects  are available with the faculty in the following areas: Animal behaviour and welfare and animal nutrition, physiology and health.

Animal behaviour and welfare

Contact: Rebecca Doyle |

The research program of Prof Paul Hemsworth and colleagues in the Animal Welfare Science Centre encompasses a wide array of studies on animal behaviour and welfare on companion, farm (pigs, poultry, dairy cattle and lambs) and wild species housed in captivity. In particular, these studies are focused on the effects of housing, husbandry and human effects on animal behaviour and welfare. Please get in touch for specific details on current projects.

Animal nutrition, physiology and health

Contact:  Associate  Professor  Brian Leury |
Dr Ian Bland |
Dr Peter Cakebread  |

Honours projects in animal metabolism and physiology are available for interested students with demonstrated excellence in one or a combination of Genetics/Biology/ Animal Physiology. Enquiries are welcome for Honours projects in the above animal science research areas. Students should discuss their areas of interest with staff.

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