Enhance your business acumen and creativity to lead the way in food design

  • Learn the food science fundamentals of food processing, safety and quality

  • Analyse innovative food product and packaging design, from concept to delivery

  • Gain complementary business skills in project management, creative and critical thinking, value creation, entrepreneurship and leadership

  • Investigate key industry research topics and their practical application in commercial settings

  • Undertake an industry internship with a leading food manufacture

Course Description

The Master of Food and Packaging Innovation is an inter-disciplinary degree that explores food processing, entrepreneurship and innovation in product and packaging design at an advanced level.

The Mondelēz International Food Innovation Centre in Ringwood, VIC.
The Mondelēz International Food Innovation Centre in Ringwood, VIC.

Meet the demands of a booming industry

Over the next 40 years, the world will need to produce 50% more food to feed a rapidly increasing world population.

As a graduate of the Master of Food and Packaging Innovation, you will be part of addressing this demand. You will learn the skills necessary to develop valuable and innovative food products that address key issues such as transportability, durability, tamper proofing and perishability issues, as well as key environmental, economic, social and ethical factors.

This unique course forms part of a joint University of Melbourne and The Mondelēz International initiative, with the support of the Victorian Government. Industry is actively involved in this course, because they want to cultivate the skills they require locally.

Internship opportunities

Students can choose to undertake an internship as part of the Master of Food and Packaging Innovation includes an internship subject. This unique placement opportunity, provides access to some of Australia’s most well-known brands and state-of- the-art facilities.

The placement may include access to leading manufacturing sites in packaging and innovation with company's such as Mondelez Australia.

Learning outcomes

  • A comprehensive understanding of inter-disciplinary food processing, product, innovation, entrepreneurship and packaging at an advanced level
  • Cognitive, technical and creative skills necessary to play a key role within food companies and associated organisations
  • Advanced knowledge and skills in the interdisciplinary field of food, food packaging and design innovation
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of environment, economic, social and ethical factors related to food production and packaging in Australia and globally
  • Enhance theoretical and critical thinking skills to analyse and problem solve complex issues relating to food production and packaging

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