Learn to manage innovative, sustainable and safe food production

  • Investigate the interdisciplinary nature of agriculture, food production and food science at an advanced level
  • Strengthen your food chemistry, microbiology, quality and processing expertise
  • Explore advanced research topics and their practical application in commercial settings
  • Available as a postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma

Course Description

Develop in-depth knowledge and critical understanding of how agricultural produce is delivered as safe, nutritious and palatable food into local and global markets, at all stages of the supply chain, via the Master of Food Science.

Explore food manufacturing industry influencers such as regulatory frameworks, international trade and the influence of biotechnological methods in food production, via this flexible, advanced-level course.

Learning outcomes

Develop advanced knowledge and skills in the inter-disciplinary field of food science

  • Critically understand environmental, economic, social and ethical factors related to food production in Australia and globally
  • Understand and interpret recent innovations and advanced research in food science
  • Plan and execute an independent piece of research and communicate the impact of this work
  • Discover problem solving and research methodologies, and demonstrate personal accountability by applying solutions to diverse challenges facing food production, supply and security
  • Interpret, critically analyse and evaluate research data, in order to understand and implement improved systems within food science
  • Investigate and apply innovative approaches to the contemporary, inter-disciplinary management of commercial food systems
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the specialised disciplines of food science, emerging technologies and the relevance of these to the future food industry
  • Communicate information to a specialist and non-specialist audience

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