Respond effectively to emergency animal disease occurrences

  • Online degree for veterinarians, animal scientists and animal health workers, wishing to effectively contribute and respond to emergency animal disease responses, both in Australia and internationally
  • Developed in partnership with the CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries
  • Flexible part-time study allows you to manage the time devoted to study, whilst remaining in full-time employment
  • Available as a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma
  • Single subject study is available  under the Community Access Program
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Course Description

Undertake specialised training in responding to animal health emergencies, particularly those with a potential public health consequence, with the Master of Veterinary Public Health.

Study the selection and interpretation of laboratory tests; project management; advanced disease recognition and control; risk communication; epidemiology; selection and evaluation of control options; simulation exercises and preparedness planning.

Sarah Hall in Nepal
Masters of Veterinary Public Health student Sarah Hall in Nepal.

Specialised, targeted and relevant modules

The course provides co-ordinated and targeted modules to cover the skills that have been identified from experience in recent emergency diseases situations, such as Hendra virus infections and the 2007 outbreak of equine influenza in Australia.

  • Core subjects develop scientific and professional skills across a range of disciplines in veterinary science, management, leadership and risk communication
  • A broad range of approved elective modules provide you with freedom to tailor the course to your specific interests and educational needs

The first subject will be taught as a short residential course to cover hands-on experience and to personally introduce students to each other as well as to their future tutors and mentors to ensure that they are familiar with the resources and requirements of online learning.

Learning outcomes

  • Career opportunities exist in Australia and internationally, in roles dealing with global, regional and local animal health issues
  • Explore a diverse range of state, national and international veterinary and public health agencies and nongovernmental organisations
  • Immediately join Australia’s emergency animal disease response capacity.

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