The Masters of Veterinary Science (Clincial) is normally completed over two to three years (part time). The Masters Thesis comprises a minimum of 30 dedicated weeks, plus additional time devoted to the research during the clinical practicum. Candidates are expected to meet regularly with their research supervisor and to present their work in the Faculty's research seminar program.

Candidates are expected to pursue components of the research, for example preparation of the literature review, collection of samples or other data, and some laboratory work, during the weeks of their clinical practicum. 

Candidates may complete the clinical practicum through either a personal clinical training program or through the clinical residency training program of the University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital. Candidates are expected to meet regularly with their clinical supervisor. The clinical practicum trains the student in a supervised working environment to apply their academic knowledge to clinical problem solving.

The students will be required in each semester; to enrol in both:

  1. Master Thesis in Vet Science (Clinical) 250-606 (VETS90027)
  2. MVSc (Clinical) Practicum 250-607 (VETS70001)


Assessment will be weighted 70% to the Master’s Thesis and 30% to the Clinical Practicum component.  A pass is required in both components.  Candidates whose progress in the course is not satisfactory may have their candidature terminated after appropriate counselling and an opportunity for appeal.

Submission and Examination

Theses are examined by the Melbourne School of Graduate Research.  Three months prior to the submission date of the thesis, the candidate is required to submit an 80-word summary of the thesis argument to the Melbourne School of Graduate Research. The summary activates the process of nominating potential examiners for the thesis.

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