BVSc – 40th Reunion

Class of 1976

3 June 2017

The Class of ’76 had a 40th anniversary gathering on 3 June 2017. About 30 of the year and 10 partners made the trip to the Clyde Hotel for drinks, which was followed by a meal at the University Cafe in Lygon St. The venues brought back many fond memories of our first 3 years at Parkville. The ordering of drinks at the Clyde Bar, it must be said, was at a much slower pace than seen 40 years ago!

We were really pleased to be joined by Jack Arundel and Bruce Christie. Jack, although in his nineties, was in good form and ready to answer any tricky parasitology questions. Bruce and his wife Helen made the trip all the way from Beechworth, which was very good of them. Bruce seemed to have hardly aged since University days, with his Tom Cruise looks still intact. Unfortunately, everyone was having such a good time, that few photos were taken!

Colin Chapman gave an interesting and entertaining talk on his journey, encompassing his pharmacy and veterinary studies and being called up to the army in between. Having just come back from an army reunion at Cape York, he commented that both groups (army reserves and the Class of 76) were showing similar signs of wear and tear!

The floor was opened for any fascinating or interesting vet stories over the years. Surprisingly, the room, which had been full of loud chatter, went a bit quiet. Hugh Millar who was doing a great job as MC chipped in. Adrian Castellini focused on some of the mishaps at Parkville and Werribee involving Dave Cassells and himself. John Isaac tried to clear up any misconceptions regarding the Animal Production farm tour in 2nd Year at the Craig Hotel. (Strange how some events continue to have a life of their own!)

John McCaffrey joined us for half the night, which was great. The evening was still going strong when we had to leave at 11 pm.

So, it was back to the Clyde for a nightcap for a group of about 15. My, how times have changed.

John Isaac and Hugh Millar