Pig vaccine developed by Melbourne's Marshall Lightowlers could reduce epilepsy in humans

A vaccine to combat tapeworms in pigs developed by the University of Melbourne’s Professor Marshall Lightowlers, Indian Immunological Limited and the Global Alliance for Veterinary Medicine, could also help reduce incidence of epilepsy in humans.

Indian Immunological Limited says Cysvax, a pig cysticercosis vaccine, is the first in the world to fight tapeworms in pigs.

Cysticercosis is a parasitic disease caused when pigs consume the eggs of a tapeworm named Taenia solium. Humans can be infected if they accidentally consume eggs in under-cooked pork, vegetables and greens that have been improperly washed.

The tapeworm can cause cysts in humans’ central nervous system, which is considered one of the major causes for epilepsy.

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