School of Agriculture and Food and MIG Special Seminar


School of Agriculture and Food and MIG Special Seminar

Systems and network-based approaches for the investigation of human diseases

Systems and network-based approaches are increasingly used to study dysregulated molecular components in diseases. By modelling the relations between genes/proteins in an integrative manner, we can gain better understanding of the processes involved in disorders and infer their regulators, paving the way for the development of new treatments. We will describe different approaches enabling us to model disease systems.

First, we will present Boolean and kinetic models of the action of Herceptin, a drug that is widely used to treat breast cancer but whose effectiveness is hampered by the development of resistance in tumour cells. Next, we will present approaches for the integration of network analysis with gene expression (RNA-sequencing) data applied to the study of skeletal diseases and cancer, and show how this integration helps to discover new pathways and regulators involved in these diseases.


  • Dr Jean-Marc Schwartz
    Dr Jean-Marc Schwartz, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health