Deli Chen receives award for contributions to Chinese agriculture

The American Society of Agronomy (ASA) has announced that Professor Deli Chen will be the recipient of the Kingenta Agricultural Science Award.

The Kingenta Agricultural Science Award recognises those who have made significant contributions to Chinese agriculture with an emphasis on soil in research, teaching, extension, and policy making, which result in securing better and sustainable food supply, implementing environmentally friendly management practices, and improving farmers’ working conditions and profitability.

You can read more about Professor Chen’s contributions to agriculture and sustainability in China and globally in Pursuit.

The award consists of a certificate, a complimentary ticket to the award ceremony, and $US2,000 provided through the Agronomic Science Foundation by Kingenta Inc and administered by the American Society of Agronomy. It takes into account the recipient’s:

  • Creativity and innovation as reflected through the scientist's overall contribution
  • Evidence of credibility, integrity, and professionalism
  • Influence or impact of the nominee for a more efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable Agriculture in China
  • Evidence of the nominee's contributions that result in improved management practices or furthered understanding of agricultural sciences in China
  • Educational contributions made either directly or indirectly through mentoring next generation of Chinese agricultural scientists
  • In recognition of extraordinary efforts to promote the adoption of agricultural technology in China, nonrefereed types of publications will be recognised.

Professor Chen is the discipline leader in Soil and the Environment research at University of Melbourne and Director of the Australia-China Joint Research Centre, Healthy Soils for Sustainable Food Production and Environmental Quality.

Professor Deli Chen
Professor Deli Chen

He is an internationally recognised authority on studying reactive nitrogen dynamics, particularly on gaseous nitrogen losses from intensive agriculture and the modelling and management practices to improve the efficiency of nitrogen fertilisers and minimise environmental impact.

His studies have resulted in new concepts and analytical techniques that have had a significant impact on agronomic and environmental research worldwide. He has published over 270 publications.

In 2010 Professor Chen was awarded the JA Prescott Medal for excellence and achievement in Soil Science research by the Australian Society of Soil Science and was named Fellow of Soil Science Society of America in 2015, Fellow of Soil Science Australia in 2016 and Fellow of American Society of Agronomy in 2017.