Emily Furzer: Environmental sustainability is essential to the future of agriculture

Thanks to her father, Emily Furzer (Australia) knew the scope and depth of studying agricultural science at the University of Melbourne.

“My father studied agriculture at the University of Melbourne, so I was aware of the possibilities in the field,” she says.

“I personally didn’t have much experience in the field, but I have had experience living in rural areas so understand the lifestyle involved. I was always interested in plant science and knew it was a major of agriculture and that there were many employment opportunities.”

It was thinking about a sustainable future that gave her the push to begin a Bachelor of Agriculture.

“Environmental sustainability, I believe, is the cornerstone of the future of agriculture. Without proper sustainable practices, and with climate change, agricultural yields will not be able to properly supply food to the world and fulfil nutritional requirements for a healthy population.”

Emily Furzer
Emily Furzer says she hopes to develop sustainable farming techniques in the future to help combat climate change.

As part of her Bachelor of Agriculture, Emily particularly enjoyed her semester at Dookie campus.

“Dookie allows you to be immersed in agricultural practices and the process. You see the crops from seedlings to harvest, and sheep and dairy cows become an everyday occurrence.”

Her hands-on experience helped her to understand the industry in which she wants to build a career.

“We get to meet farmers and industry professionals to gain insight into their views on issues facing agriculture and also seeing the varying types of positions within agriculture, and enterprise types.”

It also helped her realise what she can achieve with a career in agriculture.

“I had the opportunity to be involved in a research project to develop pollination techniques for fast and efficient pollination to be used in first-year practical classes for the biology subjects. It allowed me to work with PhD students to further my critical thinking and laboratory skills.”

And her immersion in agriculture has only fed her desire to follow this path. Emily sees further study in agricultural science in her future.

“I plan on completing a Master of Agricultural Science at the university, specialising in food security. I hope to develop sustainable farming techniques in the future to help combat the current climate crisis happening not only in Australia but worldwide.”

Banner image: Emily and other agriculture students near the peak of of Mount Major at the University of Melbourne's Dookie agricultural campus.