Listen: How to anaesthetise a fish, keep a lizard in shape and other important skills for a zoo vet

What happens after you leave university? Will you end up doing exactly what you trained for, or something else entirely?

In the 3010 podcast, University of Melbourne alumni tell us about career paths that have taken them to interesting – and sometimes unexpected – places.

The podcast is a companion to 3010, the University’s magazine for alumni and friends.

In this episode Dr Kath Adriaanse, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine alum and veterinary resident at Melbourne Zoo, takes us on a tour of the zoo and shares some of the tricks of her trade – including how to anaesthetise a fish.

She can find herself looking after any one of the 3000-plus animals there – from the tiniest frog right up to an elephant.

Reporter and editor: Val McFarlane
Producers: Verica Jokic and Val McFarlane
Audio engineer: Chris Hatzis
Theme music: Rory Clark