Melbourne Veterinary School at ANZCVS Science Week 2018

A substantial number of Melbourne Veterinary School staff sat membership examinations, delivered presentations or otherwise contributed to Science Week, the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists' (ANZCVS) annual education conference.

The conference provides clinical and academic veterinarians with opportunities to explore the latest research, network with others in the profession and complete membership and fellowship examinations, thus demonstrating a high level of interest and competence in a given area of veterinary activity.

In 2018, Science Week was held on the Gold Coast.

Presentations by staff at Science Week included:

  • Jenny Bauquier: Novel anti-inflammatory therapies for the treatment of equine SIRS
  • Manuel Boller: Update on the SnakeMap Project
  • Jose Canevari: The hokey pokey model of Q fever on farm transmission dynamics
  • Jen Carter: Updates on management of chronic pain and neuropathic pain
  • Alex Crosbie: Investigating effectiveness of electronic monitors of rumination and activity in detecting disease in postpartum cows
  • Julien Dandrieux: Chronic enteropathy: faecal microbiota transplant or antibiotic therapy?
  • Elke Erreger: Investigation of leptospirosis prevalence in SW Victoria and comparing vaccination practices on these herds
  • Thurid Johnstone: Management of multi-drug resistant urinary tract infections and cholangitis
  • Marjorie Milne: Advanced MRI techniques for imaging the canine brain
  • Ee Cheng Oi: Investigation of relationship between genetic selection for fertility and the real world expression of reproductive performance
  • Caitlin Pfeiffer: Detecting disease on sheep farms: the effect of farmer behaviour
  • Shumoos Al Riyami: Blowing in the wind: decision support tools for Meg Brownlow vector-borne animal diseases
  • Sarah Robson: Should pradofloxacin and cefovecin use be restricted?

A full program is available on the ANZCVS website.

Caroline Mansfield, Julien Dandrieux, Lorna O'Dowd and Simon Firestone were examiners; Jen Carter sat on the Board of Examiners and Caroline Mansfield served on the Council for the conference.

Congratulations to all staff and former residents who played a role in the conference, and particularly those who succeeded in passing ANZCVS Membership and Fellowship examinations:

  • Ben Wernham (former resident): Fellow, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Lauren Adorna, Rachel Llewellyn and Christine Lovatt: Member, Emergency and Critical Care
  • Katrina Garret: Member, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Rebekah Liffman: Member, Pathobiology
  • Kristen Lloyd: Member, Equine Surgery
  • Kadie O'Byrne: Member, Small Animal Surgery
  • Julian Suchowersky: Member, Veterinary Dentistry.

Separately, several staff and former residents have passed US examinations:

  • Amy Pepper (former resident), Judd Sumner: American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) speciality examination in Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Andrew Woodward: Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology
  • Lucia Yu: ACVIM general examination.