Postgraduate Science Day showcases graduate research and outcomes at Dookie campus

An inaugural science day was recently held for all postgraduate and doctoral scholars at the University of Melbourne’s agricultural campus.

There are 17 scholars either located at the campus or being supervised by Dookie-based academic staff, and all were invited to participate in the event.

The day commenced with an introduction from Dookie Professor in Residence Tim Reeves who commended the scholars and their supervisors for their great progress and achievements.

“While infrastructure at the rural campus presents some challenges, the research staff and students conduct is very practical, valuable – and importantly – very repeatable,” he said.

“Also, the ready access to the campus farm and to other nearby commercial properties means that their work is often conducted under ‘real farm’ conditions.”

He also commended Dookie scholars who had already had their research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

During the scholars’ event Dr Graham Brodie convened a regular meeting of the Dookie Research Group and presented preliminary data on the outputs of campus researchers over the past five years (2014-19), showing they had published:

  • 3 books
  • 7 book chapters
  • 2 patents
  • 113 journal papers
  • 38 refereed conferences
  • 11 invited lectures.

Professor Richard Eckard, Associate Dean (Research), delivered a presentation to the scholars and staff on Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences’ research and research training strategy.

Each scholar then gave a presentation on their project and their progress to date. This not only gave the scholars vital practice but also stimulated very good discussion and helpful advice.

Professor Reeves noted the great camaraderie and team spirit amongst the scholars and encouraged them to continue their support of each other. An informal dinner for all scholars was held at the home of Professor Reeves and his wife Patricia a few days later.

“Overall, Postgraduate Science Day was a very useful and informative event and it will be repeated, at the request of the scholars,” he said.

Banner image: Dookie campus researchers including Professor Timothy Reeves and Dr Graham Brodie (centre).