Vale Phil Markham

We regret to announce the death of Associate Professor Philip Francis Markham, who passed away on Monday 8 July, 2019.

Professor Glenn Browning, long-time colleague of Associate Professor Markham and Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Animal Health, shared the following obituary:

Phil Markham was a member of staff at the Melbourne Veterinary School for nearly 30 years and was a foundational member of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Animal Health.

Associate Professor Philip Markham
Associate Professor Philip Markham

He made many important contributions over his career, to both veterinary science and to the people he worked with. He led the development of four vaccines to control important diseases of livestock, as well as several diagnostic tests, and advanced our understanding of a number of important bacterial and viral pathogens of animals.

His scientific contributions are documented in the 84 scientific papers he published, and are demonstrated by 22 research students and staff who started their scientific careers under his mentorship and supervision.

His achievements were recognised by the international scientific community with the Louis Diennes award and the Derrick Edward Award by the International Organisation for Mycoplasmology, and by the University with his promotion to Associate Professor in 2015.

His contributions to the research environment in the veterinary school were not limited to his careful and considered approach to research – for many years he was the go-to person for repair of broken laboratory equipment, and his handyman skills were crucial in the creation of unique equipment that has been the key to much of the success of people around him.

Even after his ill-health forced him to take early retirement he continued to contribute to the work of his colleagues. His generosity, care and insight will be greatly missed.

In lieu of flowers, it has been requested donations be made to Eastern Palliative Care.