Meet Rachael, Nurse Team Lead of the Primary Care and General Wards at U-Vet

Rachael is a nursing team lead at U-Vet, where she’s worked for the past seven years. She is passionate about patient care and loves the community at U-Vet.

“The bond between the staff and the students is wonderful. We’re like a big family. The clients are quite dedicated – they come to us because they want a solution, and we're a one-stop shop. It all comes together quite well.

Image of Rachael

“Primary Care appealed to me because you see more of your patients. As their GP you build a rapport over time. You see the puppy come in for their first shots, you celebrate milestones, you address any problems, and eventually you are part of end-of-life discussions. It’s important to have that relationship and to provide continuity for the animal and their family.”

Rachael worked for a large corporate Vet hospital chain before joining U-Vet. She thinks the exceptional facilities, staff expertise and access to specialist care are what really set U-Vet apart.

“We do things that are well above what other clinics can offer. It's not just the standard GP stuff. We do all aspects of primary care, referral medicine, surgery – it’s comprehensive, and you can be sure we have the gold standard here. Our facilities are incredible. We have such skilled vets and nurses looking after animals. We have students who are lovely, committed and very thorough. All of that leads to great outcomes for our clients.

The opportunity to teach the next generation of vets is one of the reasons Rachael came to U-Vet in the first place.

“I have always loved teaching and supporting students in their journey. When the opportunity came up to join a teaching hospital, I was so excited to come on board.

“We come together as the students support system, as their leaders, as their colleagues. We share our knowledge and training so our students mature into fantastic vets – it’s like we package all of that up for them.

The students rotate throughout the hospital. We see them from their first week. They grow from baby vets to ‘almost ready to go out into the wild’ vets. For me, it's a sense of achievement to be able to say: I helped that person get through their degree and now they can deliver the best service out there when they graduate.”

Rachael’s passion for her job shines through in her day-to-day work.

“For me, happiness at work is a lot of things. If we can deliver exceptional care for our patients, then I'm happy. If I'm delivering the support that my students need, I'm happy. If my team are happy, I'm happy. If we are delivering great service to our community, to our clients, I’m happy.

“I just love working here. I find it so fulfilling – for myself, for the team and for our patients. U-Vet offers so much more than any other clinic. For me, that means there’s a wide range of opportunities available and skills you can develop. I'm never leaving!”

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