In 2018, we will be selling Pink Lady apples from our Dookie campus

The Dookie campus has been growing fruits and vegetables for over 50 years, and selling direct to the Parkville campus since 2016.

Where exactly do they come from?

The fruits and vegetables are grown at the Dookie campus orchard. Produce grown here generally matures a week earlier that the rest of the Goulburn Valley, so we often have the first fruits and vegetables on the market.

Freshly picked from the orchard, our students take them to the Parkville campus for sale. As they have not been in carbon dioxide storage, they are the freshest produce in market. 

Pink Lady Apples for sale

This year’s Pink Lady apples have been picked fresh from the tree and are crunchy and sweet in taste.


Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 July, 10am-4pm (unless sold out)


Concrete Lawn (near Union House), Parkville Campus – look out for the truck selling apples.


50c per piece
$2 per bag of 5

Payment method

We accept cash only.