Forewarned is Forearmed: Australian farmers to benefit from new extreme climate outlook features

Growers and graziers to gain from new extreme climate outlook maps made available on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Screenshot of Bureau of Meteorology extreme climate map Left: The chance of unusually high (in the top 20% of historical observations) rainfall for November 2021 – January. Right: Example pop-up bar chart showing the forecast rainfall distribution, including rainfall thresholds (below bar chart) and accuracy assessments (stars). Image: Bureau of Meteorology

The new ‘Chance of Extreme’ features will allow people to look at their exact location to see the likelihood of unusually dry or wet conditions for the weeks, months, and seasons ahead.

Ministers Susan Ley and David Littleproud announced the new features, which are the first two, of five new products being developed as part of the $13 million Forewarned is Forearmed collaborative research project between government, research and industry sectors, funded through the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment’s Rural R&D For Profit Program. Professor Richard Eckard from the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences is the lead University of Melbourne partner on the project.

These new features draw on the latest science and technology to deliver maps that respond to the growing need for information around unseasonal and extreme climate events, equipping farmers and agricultural value chains to proactively manage the impacts of extreme climate events.

The Bureau of Meteorology will be running an information session about the products Monday 8 November 12pm.

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