How we can apply lessons from 120,000 years of cultivation in Australia to modern agriculture

Australia has a long pre-colonial history of cultivation and agriculture. And our home-grown crops have potential as sustainable foods and in creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.
Bruce Pascoe
Professor Bruce Pascoe. Photo: Paul Burston, the University of Melbourne.

During a scheduled grains workshop at Yumburra, Melbourne Enterprise Professor (Indigenous Agriculture) Bruce Pascoe shared some thoughts on Aboriginal employment and sustainable agriculture.

Yumburra is home to Enterprise Professor Pascoe, and is on Yuin Country and in East Gippsland. He and Black Duck Foods are working with researchers and Aboriginal farm workers dedicated to developing sustainable agriculture and providing opportunities for Indigenous employment in agriculture. Their vision is to re-develop traditional food growing and management processes for the economic benefit of Indigenous people and country.

In the video, he talks about the importance of inspiring Indigenous youth to engage with the ‘old people’s foods’ and to get them used to the idea that Aboriginal life is also scientific.

Learn more about topics in this video:

Video: Cinematography and editing by Matthew Holmes, music: Soft Inspiration by Scott Holmes Music. Banner Image: Enterprise Professor Pascoe's property at Yumburra, on Yuin Country and in East Gippsland. Photo: Matthew Holmes.