Listen: Towards a sustainable Australian dairy industry

Dean's Research Seminar, "Towards a sustainable Australian dairy industry" by Professor Peter Mansell

Professor Peter Mansell

In a recent Dean's Research Seminar, "Towards a sustainable Australian dairy industry", Professor Peter Mansell discussed the veterinary expertise that will assist dairy producers to face whatever challenges arise in future decades.

The Australian dairy industry has been through significant structural changes over recent decades and has dealt with multiple and varied challenges in that time. The industry is a major supplier of food for domestic consumption and is also a significant source of export value for the Australian economy. But dairy farmers in the 2020s face markedly different issues to the last generation. The sustainability of the Australian dairy industry requires focussed research of practical benefit to dairy producers underpinned by local research supported by local advisers.

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The Dean’s Research Seminars were introduced to showcase, at a level accessible across our community, the activities and impact of research within our Faculty.

The seminars provide an opportunity to appreciate an area of research, its scientific approaches, facilities, techniques and expertise; to understand the importance of the work in gaining fundamental knowledge or addressing an existing problem and to stay connected with colleagues and consider collaborations. This can be done across the internet as effectively as in a lecture theatre.

Professor Peter Mansell

Professor Peter Mansell graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Melbourne. In the 40 years since, he has been involved in the veterinary profession in a variety of roles - as a private veterinary practitioner, a researcher, an academic, an educator and a professional regulator. His research interests have focussed on significant issues of cattle health, welfare and production, including mastitis and milk quality, reproductive management and disease control.