Alum's business profiled on ABC Landline

Meredith Dairy, founded by a University of Melbourne veterinary alum, showed how science and sustainability had fuelled its success on a recent ABC Landline profile.

In 2019 the company won the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales’ Presidents Medal, judged on economic, social and environmental impacts.

Co-owner Sandy Cameron, an alum of the Faculty’s Melbourne Veterinary School (Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours), 1981), worked as a large animal veterinarian before starting Meredith Dairy.

“I think veterinary science is a wonderful degree, because it’s a general animal science degree,” he told ABC Landline in a recent profile of the business," he says.

“It has useful in understanding genetics and nutrition, as well as animal health. So we have managed to improve animal health here a lot, and some of that’s because I’m a vet, but I get plenty of help!”

The University of Melbourne continues to train Victoria’s veterinarians through the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Co-owner Julie Cameron told Landline the business’ food safety, animal management and welfare practices contribute to the quality of its product.

“All of those sorts of things are so important to the flavour in the end.”

All animals have production recorded at every milking, and are both chipped and tagged to track all data collected back to each goat.

The company has also invested in sustainability. Manure and straw is recycled for fertiliser; the property is largely self-sufficient for feed and the farm produces around 120kW solar power.

The family has also continued their relationship with the University of Melbourne. In recent years, Dr Cameron has worked with animal nutrition and physiology staff and PhD researchers in the School of Agriculture and Food to find ways to improve production efficiency and growth of young goats through nutrition, and to understand changes hormonal and metabolic changes in goats transitioning from pregnancy to lactation.

When his father Neil Cameron (Bachelor of Agricultural Science, 1952) published his history of the Cameron family and the property that produced Meredith Dairy, he invited Professor Anna Meredith, Head of the Melbourne Veterinary School to launch the book.

Meredith Dairy is also a collaborator on the Taking the Query out of Q fever research project, along with the Melbourne Veterinary School and researchers from three other Australian universities and the Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory.

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Banner image via ABC Landline.