The Rural Innovation Research Group's research involves co-design of innovative responses to social, economic and environmental issues with stakeholders.

Our research is conducted in multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary contexts where we support the integration of scientific and local knowledge to generate applicable solutions.

In our research, we work with farmers, scientists, policymakers, community groups and advisors as well as private, public, not-for-profit and commercial organisations.  We co-develop solutions, stimulate collective action and influence strategic actions to improve situations and stimulate change.

  • With farmer groups, we established the ‘partner farm’ method as a platform for cross-disciplinary learning about farm system change.
  • With regional-scale challenges we provide opportunities for people to assess their resilience and learn, network and collaborate to produce trial-able solutions.
  • With extension managers and change agents we contribute to the development of change programs and test and evaluate different approaches to supporting change.

Contact information

Please contact Professor Ruth Nettle for more information or to work with us: