Development of management strategies for existing disease issues

The One Health Research Group can investigate drivers of and treatment options for endemic disease issues in wildlife populations, leading to development of effective management or mitigation strategies.

There are many endemic (existing, not necessarily changing in extent or severity) disease issues affecting Australian wildlife, which may have significant animal welfare or conservation impacts. Examples for this are sarcoptic mange in wombats and koalas, toxoplasmosis in marsupials or chytrid fungus in amphibians.

Unfortunately, there are still many unknowns, making effective management of these diseases difficult. We can help with:

  • Basic research to addressing knowledge gaps: Working towards a solid understanding of the impacts of these diseases as well as the drivers of disease occurrence, leading on to
  • Applied research: Developing and testing management solutions (eg: treatment, prevention, mitigation).

We have expertise in:

  • Field-based studies
  • Captive studies
  • Laboratory-based studies.

We collaborate with many colleagues both within and outside the Melbourne Veterinary School, providing us with further access to a wide range of expertise (eg: modelling) and cutting-edge infrastructure.

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