DNA extraction for soil molecular biology

QIAGEN QIAcube Connect is designed to perform fully automated purification of nucleic acids and proteins in molecular biology applications.

The system is intended for professional users trained in molecular biological techniques and the operation of QIAcube Connect. Researchers can stay connected to their instrument through the built-in screen and also remotely with a tablet (included), containing the pre-installed QIAcube Connect App, enabling quick response times and ability to monitor runs while away from the QIAcube Connect.


  • Automates over 80 QIAGEN kits with over 140 standard protocols for the most frequently used applications and any customized protocols
  • Fully automated DNA, RNA and protein sample processing
  • Generates standardised results and eliminates manual processing steps.

QIAGEN QIAcube Connect

Contact information

Please email Christine Xie for more information.