Histology services

The Histopathology Laboratory uses state of the art facilities to produce high-quality microscopic sections of both paraffin embedded and frozen tissue.

A comprehensive array of special staining techniques modified for veterinary pathology are utilized for diagnostic and research outcomes.

The lab is equipped with Automated tissue processors, tissue embedding centre, an upright cryostat for frozen tissue work, rotary paraffin microtomes, facilities for Immunohistochemistry and other staining techniques and a HyBez RNA scope oven for Insitu hybridization.

Immunohistochemical panels are available including B&T cell markers, (see available histopathology stains below) for use on companion animals. Workup of new antibodies is also a service provided.

Training is available in all techniques if required by highly qualified staff.

The lab is also able to develop specialised or modified processes to suit very specific requirements, such as processing of bones, hooves and eyes, whole parasites and aquatic species.

Participation in internal and external quality control programs ensures accuracy of results and optimum quality for veterinary species.

Our services are available on a 'fee-for-service' basis.  For a formal quote or to discuss your requirements please contact:

To request histopathology services please complete the request for histopathology service form.

  • Available histopathology stains

      Histochemical stains

      Haematoxylin and eosin (H&E)

      • Bielschowsky
      • Bodian’s
      • Congo Red
      • Elastin
      • Giemsa
      • Gram
      • Grimelius
      • Grocott’s Methenanime Silver (GMS)
      • Luxol Fast Blue
      • Masson – Fontana
      • Masson Trichrome
      • Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS)
      • Perl’s
      • Rhodanine (copper)
      • Toluidine Blue
      • Warthin Starry
      • Ziehl-Neelson (Z-N)
      • Other stains may be performed on request


      • Lymphoid markers
        • CD3
        • Pax-5
        • Mum-1
      • Histiocytic markers
        • CD-18
        • Iba-1
      • Epithelial markers
        • Pancytokeratin (AE1/AE3)
      • Mesenchymal markers
        • Desmin
        • Smooth muscle actin
        • Vimentin
        • Von Willebrand Factor
      • Neural crest markers
        • Chromogranin A
        • Melan A
        • Neurofilament
        • Glial fibrillary acidic protein
        • Synaptophysin
        • S-100
        • Sox-10
      • Endocrine
        • Calcitonin
      • Infectious
        • Feline infectious peritonitis
        • Q-fever
        • Toxoplasma gondii
      • Others
        • Ki-67
        • C-Kit (CD117)