Microwave applicator systems and evaluation of microwave and plasma treatment of materials

The Sustainable Agricultural Production group offers experimental and semi-commercial assessment and modelling of microwave heating in agriculture, forestry and other applied contexts.

This has included the commercialisation of microwave applications for weed control in agriculture and horticulture.

Design and modelling of experimental and semi-commercial microwave applicator systems

Full consultation on the design, modelling and development of commercial microwave heating applicators for experimental and semi-industrial applications

We have the facilities and knowhow to design, model and prototype test new microwave applicators for heating and material processing applications; from the experimental to the semi-industrial prototype scale.

Experimental evaluation of microwave heating and plasma treatments of various materials

The team has the capacity to experimentally evaluate the application of microwave heating and plasma treatments to a wide range of materials, from the small-scale to samples of up to one cubic metre.

The research team has a variety of highly controllable microwave sources and applicators that can facilitate a detailed study into the viability of microwave treatments for industrial applications. Systems are widely available at 2450 MHz, up to 5 kW in power. A 10 kW microwave source will also be available at a frequency of 922 MHz for other industrial applications.

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