We are a clinically focused research group aiming to improve health and welfare of domestic animals.

Translational Research and Animal Clinical Trial Study Group (TRACTS) logo

The TRACTS research group is formed by veterinarians working within their clinical specialities at the U-Vet Animal Hospital in Werribee, who wish to make a difference to the quality of life and health of pets via research.

Our research interests align closely to our clinical interests, and we specialise in areas such as veterinary emergency and critical care, gastroenterology, urology, pharmacology, theriogenology, anaesthesiology or neurology.

Our research focuses on clinical trials of novel treatment modalities, assessing diagnostic test capabilities and evaluating medical data on diseases that occur naturally in companion animals.

Our researchers collaborate closely with colleagues at FVAS, the University of Melbourne and further afield.  We strive to build strong relationships with the veterinary and animal health industry. We also work closely with medical research colleagues to evaluate animal models of human disease.