Copernicus applications and services for low impact agriculture in Australia (COALA)

Copernicus Applications and services for Low impact agriculture in Australia (COALA).

COALA aims at the development of Copernicus-based information services for irrigation and nutrient management in Australia. Starting from past experiences carried out during past EU projects such as FATIMA and DIANA, operational services for water and nutrient management will be improved and adapted to the Australian agricultural systems with the collaboration between EU and Australian research teams by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the new DIAS of Copernicus.

The improved services will be integrated into the platforms already used in Australia for supporting irrigation, such as FarmConnect Software by Rubicon Water and software for yield forecasting and nutrient management such as YieldProphet by Birchip Cropping Group.

Faculty and MSE researchers


  • Funded by: European Union.
  • Project code: COALA.

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Professor Pablo Zarco-Tejada